Project Finance

  • HBI has extensive experience designing and developing financial models, capital structures, asset packages and appropriate sources of financing
  • HBI also contributes to the development of projects with its experience in advising PPAs, EPCs, insurance, etc.
  • HBI has particular experience in the energy sector, having closed project financing for US$ 1,200 MM in Colombia and in the region with financing from local, multilateral and international banks

M & A

  • Our independence ensures that our interests are fully aligned with those of our clients. In other words, we focus on the relationship and not on the deal
  • HBI analyzes the company in depth, recommends viable alternatives and continuously monitors all stages of the process
  • HBI offers its customers unique opportunities based on their excellent relationships nationally and internationally
  • Given our expertise in multi-product consulting, we have achieved a trajectory in consortium construction and search for equity partners for both greenfield and brownfield projects
  • HBI has extensive experience in conducting valuation exercises and issuing Fairness Opinions on strategic transactions

Structured Credits

  • HBI analyzes the company’s perspectives and designs an optimal capital structure in order to help the client achieve its objectives
  • HBI seeks investors and banks that accommodate the client in terms of capital or debt cost, level of management of the company or investment and credit conditions

Public Placements

  • HBI analyzes the company in depth, recommends possible alternatives and structures, and provides continuous support at all stages of the transaction
  • HBI offers its clients a unique advice thanks to the extensive knowledge of the legal framework and the main actors involved in public placements



La Cascada

Advisor for La Cascada in the valuation and sale of a 2.3 MW hidroelectric in Antioquia with a value of US$ 8.6 M

Century Energy

Advisor for Century Energy in the adquisition of AIMco´s 41.19% participation of LAREIF obtaining 100% of LAREIF

Grupo Sala

Advisor of  Sala group in the sale of its minority stake to Veolia 2018

Papal S.A.S E.S.P

Advisor of Popal S.A.S E.S.P in Project Finance  with leasing structure with local banks for a hydroelectric plant for US $ 30 M


Interagua Advisor for the concession of aqueducts and sewerage in the city of Guayaquil Ecuador for US$ 70 M

Grupo Recordar

Advisor of Grupo Recordar in the sale of a minority interest to Grupo ASV for US$ 20 M