HBI Closes Over $130 Million USD In Investment Banking Deals In April

Helm Banca de Inversion (HBI), the independent investment banking arm of Grupo Helm, is solidifying its leadership position in Colombia’s investment banking market with over $130 million (USD) in deals in April 2015 alone. Among other deals, HBI advised BVC, the Colombian stock exchange in its purchase of Sophos, the ACCOR group, Arias Serna Saravia, and the Los Molinos hydroelectric project.

This comes when Colombia’s investment banking sector is enjoying a period of growth as more firms and private equity funds are on the hunt for merger and acquisition targets. “2014 and 2015 have shown lots of dynamism and an appetite for investment at both the local and foreign levels,” said HBI President Lorenzo Garavito. “For example, during the month of April, we were finalizing two M&A transactions in diverse sectors including advising BVC in acquiring 51% of Sophos Banking Solutions, and the sale of a majority stake in IBIS Hotels, with a financial commitment to expand the [hotel] chain in Colombia of over $30 million. Also in project finance, we obtained approximately 85 million for the Los Molinos hydroelectric project in Antioquia.”

HBI has also revealed that it is working on more than 20 transactions in key sectors throughout Colombia such as infrastructure, food, health, real estate, education, and public services; domestic deals that balance the investment bank’s over $1.5 billion dollars worth of  activities in Brazil, Peru, Chile, Ecuador, Panamá, and the Dominican Republic.


“This year, the number of HBI transactions has doubled. We are confident that investment banking is a strategic ally for different industries and companies in Colombia. Our role is primarily to attract capital, develop competitive and fair negotiations, and to provide specialized teams and advice to large projects and transactions,” said Pablo Bickenbach, Executive Director of HBI.

Fuente: Financecolombia. Tomado de financecolombia.com: http://www.financecolombia.com/hbi-closes-over-130-million-usd-in-investment-banking-deals-in-april/