Pablo Bickenbach, President

Pablo has more than 18 years of experience in the financial sector and has been a member of Helm Group since 2005. During his tenure, Pablo led the corporate business at Helm Bank for 8 years, successfully doubling the size of the loan portfolio (to Col$ 4.0 trillion) and tripling both the funding and the bank’s financial margin at a compound annual rate of 19%.

Since joining HBI in 2014, Pablo has led numerous successful transactions including M&A and financial structuring deals for a combined amount of Col$ 540,500 MM (US$ 180 MM), including the sale of the restaurant chain Archie’s, the expansion of the hotel chain ACCOR through the acquisition of IBIS in Colombia, the acquisition of a minority stake in Sophos Banking by BVC, the financial closure of the renovation of the "El Campin" coliseum through a public-private partnership, and the structuring of syndicated loans to finance the expansion initiatives of Proquinal (Spardling Group), Mesofoods, Central University, and Easyfly Airline.

As a member of Banco CorpBanca’s Central Credit Committee, Pablo was part of the Evaluation and Approval Committee for Investment Projects, and contributed in the development and strengthening of the commercial banking businesses, which included working with a large customer base (more than 7,000 customers among corporate, business, and SME customers) across all sectors of the economy.

Previously, Pablo worked at Citibank Colombia as Vice President of NBFI (Non-Banking Financial Institutions) for seven years, where he led the growth and development of the business working with pension funds, insurance companies, trust funds, and other non-depository financial institutions through treasury-management structured products. He also advised CAC (Central American and Caribbean Region) in the development of their own financial institutions.

Pablo is an economist from the Universidad de los Andes and holds an MBA from IESE Barcelona. He is fluent in Spanish and English.